Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Blog

As you can see by scrolling down, my "new to blogging" zeal has worn off and I'm not all that motivated to type out my thoughts all that often.  I'm still going to keep this blog (mostly because I use the list of blogs to the right to keep up with other people) and hopefully the mood to type will occasionally hit me.  If you are interested in more frequent updates, I apologize.  However... you are in luck!  Christie decided to start a "family blog" to in order keep friends and family from out of town up to date on the pregnancy and our soon to be family of three.  Here is the link:

So there ya go; one more way that my wife's strengths make up for my slack and lack of "blogging discipline."  Here is a mini update:  We are right at halfway through the pregnancy and things are going great so far.  We have a new Pastor at the church starting this Sunday.  His name is Paul Johnson and he is coming to us from College Church at Olivet.  We are all pretty excited about the potential future that God has for this place.  Overall, things are looking good!  

There, that should meet my blog quota for the next 5-6 months...

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