Wednesday, April 22, 2009

yard work

I've done a lot of yard work in the last couple of weeks.  Christie and I are renting the house that my parents lived in when they were here in Columbia from them.  They are extremely gracious in charging is only what they have to pay towards the mortgage each month.  They could easily be making money off it by renting it to some one else.  We are paying the same per month that we did for the two bedroom apartment that we started out it in.  It has been a huge help to us.  One way that we are trying to show our gratitude is by working hard to fix up the house where it needs a little work.  This month we have worked hard on making the yard look really good.  

I used to really hate doing yard work.  Thankfully, I had two brothers growing up so I only had to mow the lawn every third week.  Listening to music always made it a little less difficult.  I started out with tapes, then eventually graduated to a disc-man, and now use an Ipod.  At some point, I can't remember when, I was going through a tough time in life.  I was listening to some gospel music (Fred Hammond, I think) and found myself really worshiping God during that mowing session.  From then on, I have tried to listen to uplifting music when doing yard work.  If I had to be mowing and weeding, I might as well multi-task and spend some time with God as well.

This month though, the yard work has started to mean something much more to me.  God has been teaching me a lot lately about the Biblical theme of re-creation and making something beautiful out the brokenness in the world.  As I've tried to do that with our front yard, it has become a great spiritual discipline for me.  I've found myself really looking forward to working on the yard.  There is something about combining being outside, being physically active, listening to music that encourages and challenges my mind (it's mostly been the new U2 CD this month), and turning one small corner of God's creation from something ugly to something beautiful.  

God is all around us in every aspect of life, include the mundane things like yard work.  If God can use me to help change a yard from something ugly to something beautiful, can he not use me in the same way to introduce my neighbors around that yard to the possibility of broken lives made beautiful?  I'm sure there are a million other ways that God can speak to us through the things we have to do day-to-day.  If anybody else has a story of finding God themes in the midst of everyday life, I'd love to hear it.  It's a great way to keep perspective and a focus on God throughout the day.

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